Honey with Bee-Pollen- 蜜蜂花粉蜂蜜


HBK’s Honey+: The Planet Most Nutritious food, Crafted with our Manuka Blend and Bee-Pollen, Honey + Pollen is packed with a large variety of amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Superfood Honey + Pollen provides that all-important bounce-away in your step to help get your day started the right way. 100% gluten-free, too.

HBK的蜂蜜+:地球最营养的食物,采用我们的麦卢卡混合物和蜂花粉,蜂蜜+花粉精制而成,含有多种氨基酸,脂肪酸,维生素和矿物质。超级食物蜂蜜+花粉提供了所有重要的反弹,帮助您以正确的方式开始新的一天。 100%无麸质。